Kapungwe Besa

Journalism graduate and a part time YouTuber, who delivers stories about lifestyle, faith and entertainment through words, audio, images and video. Kapungwe has published work on Dscribe and The Adventist Record.

The Hidden Gospel In Comic Book Heroes

With the release of “Avengers: Infinity War” many people are flocking to the cinemas to see their favourite heroes in action. Whether it be the likes of an African king, a lightning god or an enraged green man, there is someone for everyone. The blockbuster is now the fastest movie to earn a whopping $1 billion worldwide in its first two weeks, beating out the much loved “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The combination of these superheroes has taken 10 years to make with each having their own fea


It has taken me a while to get to like or understand my body and accept myself. It is still a working progress but this is me and how I was made. We constantly see the perfect image society wants us to be but for people like me it’s not how I was created. It was not in God’s plan for me to have big thighs like most people think all Africans have. I didn’t inherit a big butt and yes squats are there to assist but it’s just not how I was made. Society needs to be honest with us or we won’t be hon

A Basketball Tournament With A Humanitarian Cause

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) have been hosting a Victorian Youth Basketball Tournament for the last 10 years. The tournament was held at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium for two days, 20th – 21st May. The annual event brought in spectators from all over Melbourne and teams from far and wide. Avondale College, located in NSW, brought down their university students as multiple teams with one of the male teams competing in the finals on the 21st. Teams were divided into cat

The ‘Say It Loud’ Show

‘Say It Loud’ is a fresh new talk show on YouTube, it began in March and just recently concluded its pilot season last month. ‘Say It Loud’ is not your typical talk show like ‘The View’ or ‘Studio 10’. The Sydney based web series seeks to discuss and resolve issues that are important to millennials of Australia’s African and Indigenous community today. In turn the show gives these communities a voice and a platform to be seen. Vanessa Ocansey, the creator of ‘Say It Loud’, a 23-year-old unive

Lorraine Provides A Useful Link To Tackle Youth Employment

Lorraine has become a formidable professional speaker and youth advocate in the last few years. Her mission is to empower youth and bring awareness to youth unemployment rates in Australia by conducting workshops, public speaking opportunities and career boot camps for youth. Lorraine also provides university students with tips and tools on how to be employable in the future. Her message has reached government networks, high schools, universities and even Television programs. Lorraine was rece

Victoria Big Camp 2017: My experience

All my life I can’t really remember a year when my family and I have ever celebrated the commercial version of Easter. As I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist, it was never something we acknowledged in our household. Instead, we celebrate the Biblical reason for our long weekend: Jesus’s death and resurrection, the greatest act of sacrificial love to be witnessed. It’s for this reason that every Easter, rather than surrounding myself with eggs and rabbits, I, along with more than 3000 Adventist

How To Survive Assignment Week!

We are nearing to the end of semester one and the assignments are starting to hit us with no mercy. Even through sometimes it may feel as though all hope is lost, there are ways of getting through these weeks without pulling out your hair. Here is your survival kit for assignment week: Now you are equipped with the shield of survival. There is no reason why you should be a wreck during assignment week. However, exam week will be a different situation.

Pop Up Shops – Who Benefits, The Fan Or Artist?

Pop-star or retailer, this is the blurred line musicians are starting to cross with the new-found pop-up shop phenomena. With artists, such as The Weeknd and Drake opening pop up shops globally to promote tours and album releases, it has created a retail frenzy that fans cannot help resist. Kanye and Rihanna were some of the first artists to cross the line from music to fashion designer very effectively. Kanye West’s  ‘Life of Pablo’ pop-up shops opened in Melbourne and Sydney last year durin

The Magic Remains In ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Beauty and the Beast at its core is a breathtaking, magical and enticing fairy-tale and Bill Condon’s 2017 live action adaption has stayed true to that. The 2017 new release features our beloved and quaint protaganist Belle, the ferocious yet charming Beast/Prince, our superficial egotistical hero Gaston and his trusty stead LeFou. And we can not forget about the charming castle residents that present the humour and heart of the movie. Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Madame Garderobe, Mae